Dog Breeds Ideal For Therapy

Many will have heard about animal therapy, which is that through various breeds of dogs, comfort, company, and affection is given to people who are in hospitals, nursing homes or with a disability. Therapy that over time, proved to be very effective if these people are given an appropriate dog.

Today, we will present you the ideal dogs for therapies. All these types of dogs have been trained and selected to fulfill the role of dog therapist.

Dog breeds ideal for therapy:

San Bernardo

This dog is well known for its thick and long fur and also for being a dog of cold climates, and it is precisely because of the characteristics of its fur that it is an ideal dog to work with children since they love to caress them and feel comfortable with this so affectionate race.

The San Bernardo is characterized by being a protective and very obedient race, they are also known to be patients, so with the children, they do their job very well.

Labrador Retriever

These dogs are characterized by being very patient and by being very obedient, which has made them the favorite breed for many people, both for therapies and to be pets, the Labrador retriever performs very well with children and adults as long as they are well trained.

German Shepherd

These dogs are very patient, cheerful and above all obedient, they are excellent therapy dogs because of their fidelity and loyalty, they also require a good training to fulfill their determined functions in therapies with disabled people, children or the elderly.

This breed is also known for working in police and fire departments, they also work as blind eye dogs, this is theĀ breed of dog that is very suitable for people with some limitation.


These dogs are known as race dogs, so it may sound strange that the greyhound is in this list of therapy dogs, but the reality is that this breed is patient, they are calm and friendly, affectionate and very loyal.

The Greyhound is a dog very used for therapies with people since these characteristics that he possesses are very sought after in this type of therapies.

The greyhound can quickly detect strange sounds, so it performs very well as a vigilant dog.


In the case of this breed of dogs the Rottweiler must fight with its bad reputation of aggressive dogs, but in spite of this bad reputation, the Rottweiler is an excellent dog of therapy since it possesses characteristics that do it excellent for this type of works.

The Rottweiler is very intelligent, confident, cheerful and patient.

Regardless of the breed of dog before taking them to a therapy with people they must be previously trained for a specific case.