Choosing a Doctor in Toronto

The Independence of the Doctor: There are some indications that he is independent of the pharmaceutical industry: is his office covered with gadgets bearing drug logos? Is her waiting room crumbling under the free reviews published by these manufacturers?

On the other hand, there are signs of a desire for independence: subscription to the independent journal or the diploma of reader emeritus of the same journal. doctor Samuel plastic surgeon is one of the Toronto options to choose.

The updating of his knowledge: if the doctor is absent several times a year for training seminars, this demonstrates a concern to update his skills;

His behavior: Does he let the patient express himself or interrupt him systematically? Does he explain the diagnosis? Is it possible to ask questions during the order? Can we express our reluctance towards certain products? Is your opinion respected?

Details that matter: Does the doctor smell the whiskey at 9 am? If he smokes, does he avoid doing it out of respect for his patients? And this is not only true for a pediatrician or a pneumologist.