Dog Breeds Ideal For Therapy

Many will have heard about animal therapy, which is that through various breeds of dogs, comfort, company, and affection is given to people who are in hospitals, nursing homes or with a disability. Therapy that over time, proved to be very effective if these people are given an appropriate dog.

Today, we will present you the ideal dogs for therapies. All these types of dogs have been trained and selected to fulfill the role of dog therapist.

Dog breeds ideal for therapy:

San Bernardo

This dog is well known for its thick and long fur and also for being a dog of cold climates, and it is precisely because of the characteristics of its fur that it is an ideal dog to work with children since they love to caress them and feel comfortable with this so affectionate race.

The San Bernardo is characterized by being a protective and very obedient race, they are also known to be patients, so with the children, they do their job very well.

Labrador Retriever

These dogs are characterized by being very patient and by being very obedient, which has made them the favorite breed for many people, both for therapies and to be pets, the Labrador retriever performs very well with children and adults as long as they are well trained.

German Shepherd

These dogs are very patient, cheerful and above all obedient, they are excellent therapy dogs because of their fidelity and loyalty, they also require a good training to fulfill their determined functions in therapies with disabled people, children or the elderly.

This breed is also known for working in police and fire departments, they also work as blind eye dogs, this is the breed of dog that is very suitable for people with some limitation.


These dogs are known as race dogs, so it may sound strange that the greyhound is in this list of therapy dogs, but the reality is that this breed is patient, they are calm and friendly, affectionate and very loyal.

The Greyhound is a dog very used for therapies with people since these characteristics that he possesses are very sought after in this type of therapies.

The greyhound can quickly detect strange sounds, so it performs very well as a vigilant dog.


In the case of this breed of dogs the Rottweiler must fight with its bad reputation of aggressive dogs, but in spite of this bad reputation, the Rottweiler is an excellent dog of therapy since it possesses characteristics that do it excellent for this type of works.

The Rottweiler is very intelligent, confident, cheerful and patient.

Regardless of the breed of dog before taking them to a therapy with people they must be previously trained for a specific case.

How To Take Care A Poodle

This small and delicate puppy requires a lot of care and attention to grow healthy and strong. He is very cheerful and playful and is happy to see him play with the children, although his keen barks and his tendency to nibble everything can be desperate.

Poodles are considered as one of the most intelligent dog breeds.

It has a coarse and long coat, which offer a lot of style options to give them a different look. You should decide if the coat should be short or long. If you want to keep the long, it is best to cut the hairs on the face, the ends of the tail and at the base of the legs so that the dirt does not get trapped in the hair.

Spray with water on the hair and proceed to comb it well to remove the knots before beginning to cut the hair.

A charm with children

Cheerful, naughty, playful and very dynamic, the poodle puppy is an excellent playmate for children, whom he loves. In addition, he is very intelligent, so he is able to understand the dynamics of games even if it is something complex.

That, yes, its small size and its fragility oblige to its owner to be always watching that the little ones do not hurt him without wanting.


There are two negative characteristics that should be known for hosting a poodle puppy at home. First of all, despite its small size, it is a rather destructive dog and has a tendency to nibble and scratch everything in its

First of all, despite its small size, it is a rather destructive dog and has a tendency to nibble and scratch everything in its path, which can give us some disgust. This, as in other races, because of its tendency to anxiety for separation from its owners, being such an intelligent animal, we must motivate and spend a lot of time playing with it, but also get used little by little from small to pass periods of time alone, leaving your favorite toys at your fingertips.

On the other hand, this little boy often barks constantly, and the sharp sound of his barking can end up despairing both his owner and his neighbors.

Tiny dog

From the moment he is separated from his mother, the poodle can be fed with dry feed, although it is advisable to always soak his food in milk. It is also important not to put the bowl full of food since it is best to get used from very small to small rations in line with their size. This will prevent fattening.


The poodle is a dog that has a tendency to suffer complications and pathologies in the eye area. That is why it is vitally important to pay special attention to the care and cleaning of the eyes.

In this sense, it is necessary to eliminate regularly and conscientiously the legañas that commonly form around the eyes to avoid hardening and entangle with the nearby hair, causing discomfort and pain.

To clean the eye, which we must do at least three times a week, it is best to use a cotton soaked in chamomile or tea water.


It is most advisable to wash it with a special shampoo by means of a gentle massage, being careful not to hurt it with the pressure of our fingers. Then you have to dry it thoroughly after bathing with an electric dryer, as the moisture in their body could cause some health problems, but watch out that it does not burn.

The hair of your poodle will grow very quickly and you will be confronted with this question: do poodles like to be groomed?

Get to know a groomer truly trustworthy and you can see the best results of his grooming.

There is a multitude of cuts. Depending on your taste and activities you plan to have with your poodle you will choose the one you like best. This cup, whatever it is, will have to be done every two or three months.


The fact that it is such a smart puppy helps a lot in the training and education of the poodle puppy.

In addition, this little boy has a great disposition for learning and training, so we can make him a very educated dog.

Choosing a good Lawyer

Choosing a lawyer is an important task for anybody. I’m going to go over a few tips for choosing a good lawyer depending on what your goal is.

I’m going to go over a few tips for choosing a good lawyer depending on what your goal is.

1- The recommendations or references of clients.
There are many reasons why clients often choose a lawyer. Most agree that their new clients are usually friends, family members or acquaintances of other clients.

We must keep in mind if the person who recommended you is trustworthy, and if the case is similar to yours, you are on the right track.

The reviews on the Internet are very important. There, you can study different offers and help you from the experiences of other customers.

2 – The specialty of the lawyer.
It is preferable to choose an attorney who is known for the specialty you need.

Example: If you have been fired, you need a labor law lawyer. Or if you have problems with neighbors, bank, or tenants a civilian lawyer.

3 – Coherence, security, and attention.
When choosing a lawyer, make sure you have good feelings. They must convey security, trust, and coherence. When you call or go to an appointment, check to see if he or she is attentive, listening, and sincere interest in helping.

These behaviors will be the best indicators for choosing a good lawyer.

4 – Location of the office
While choosing a lawyer, it is important that the office is in your local area, but if they aren’t you can always travel.

5 – The price will be proportional to the service received.
Would you trust a dentist to fill a cavity or a mechanic who would fix your handbrake, if it were free? If you want a lawyer who cares about you and cares about your issue, forget it.

Moreover, distrust them because you will not receive the service and attention, you deserve. Usually, the cost of a lawyer’s service is directly proportional to the quality, attention, and study that he devotes to the matter.

In conclusion, these are the most important criteria when choosing a lawyer. Each person will take more into account than others.

However, most agree that recommendations and trust are essential to choosing a lawyer.

Choosing a Doctor in Toronto

The Independence of the Doctor: There are some indications that he is independent of the pharmaceutical industry: is his office covered with gadgets bearing drug logos? Is her waiting room crumbling under the free reviews published by these manufacturers?

On the other hand, there are signs of a desire for independence: subscription to the independent journal or the diploma of reader emeritus of the same journal. doctor Samuel plastic surgeon is one of the Toronto options to choose.

The updating of his knowledge: if the doctor is absent several times a year for training seminars, this demonstrates a concern to update his skills;

His behavior: Does he let the patient express himself or interrupt him systematically? Does he explain the diagnosis? Is it possible to ask questions during the order? Can we express our reluctance towards certain products? Is your opinion respected?

Details that matter: Does the doctor smell the whiskey at 9 am? If he smokes, does he avoid doing it out of respect for his patients? And this is not only true for a pediatrician or a pneumologist.